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March 25, 2011
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CORE OF WAR: LOCKE by TeachMeMogster CORE OF WAR: LOCKE by TeachMeMogster
Name:John Locke

Abilities:Locke is a Biokinetic. This essentially breaks down to him being able to control cells and cell structure at will -- his own, and other people's. If it's organic, Locke can mess with it -- though the further it is from human chances are good the less he understands it. However, he is able to absorb the DNA of anybody he encounters through simple skin contact and analyze it, potentially adding their own genetic code to his own and taking on their traits. He can also influence people without physical contact. This, however, is primarily limited to things like hormone control and causing immediate and drastic cancer tumours, though he could also change simple genes if you were within a reasonable distance (usually within sight, for cancer, about ten feet).
His ability to manipulate others is limited depending on the complexity of the task. Though he can theoretically do as much to anyone else as he can to himself, it takes much more time. He could turn you into a woman, but it would likely take a half hour of very close proximity or skin contact for him to do so.
For himself, Locke can change the aspects of his physiology to a genetic level almost instantly. However, too many changes too quickly will result in him becoming unstable, and then dying. He has programmed his cells to automatically jumpstart again an hour after his death, however, so it's not a big deal. He can also become generally very ill.
There are virtually no limitations to what Locke can do with cells given enough time -- he can reverse aging, change species (so long as he is familiar with the genetic code of the species), regenerate tissues, he can even clone entire beings. This does, of course, require a lot of time and effort.
Locke's primary line of defense is hormone manipulation. He can almost instantly cause any cell in the body of an organism to produce a desired hormone. Locke is well aware of the effects of a wide variety of hormones on various species.

Skills:Locke is extremely well versed in cellular biology, physiology, and general science-things. He isn't inept with computers and software but he isn't good at it, either -- though he can alter his brain structure in order to directly interface with computers, he generally avoids doing this, as it's rather uncomfortable for him.

Background:Nobody is really sure where Locke came from or how he got his powers, but there is no one else quite like him that he knows about. Locke is fully aware of this but generally tells very few people about who he is, though he keeps a lot of it written down, as due to his constantly changing his physical make-up he can become concerned about losing his identity. For whatever reason, he can't (or won't) remove his eye tattoo, though if he is trying to be sneaky (he can assume the appearance of other people) he will move it or hide it somehow.

Items:Locke's scarf is actually attached to his clothes and can form a closed system to allow him to breathe in the vacuum of space. He has no air supply; but it hardly matters because he can heat and provice oxygen to himself by changing his cellular make-up. This won't last for terribly long, though.

-He also has a gun. It's just a standard security issue gun, so it has a DNA lock that he can engage using his comm. that makes any non-security member get zapped, possibly rendering them unconscious or just stunning them, depending on their pain threshold.

Personality:Locke is a bit of a pranskter, but he's also faily level and doesn't have very extreme emotions. He isn't necessarily a cruel person but he is decidedly not nice, either, and won't go out of his way to help people. He is decidedly bitter on April the 8th. He's also full of bad ideas in social interactions -- this is not because he doesn't think about what he says before he says it, so much as half the time he's more curious about where a bad situation is heading -- unless it's heading somewhere that might reveal anything about him, his powers, or his past.

Misc: Locke used to have a speech impediment when he was younger, and though he managed to learn to speak without it, he occasionally slips back into it. It mostly involves him slurring his speech and mumbling into his chest.
- He's also scared of robots. This doesn't include cyborgs for the most part (though he's not comfortable entirely with them either) or anything that looks and feels like a human. If it's metal and robotic, he'll be afraid of it, though not to the extent that he'll run away screaming at first sight or flee from a fight.

Sector: :bulletwhite:Infirmary
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Zil-Zeki Apr 20, 2011  Student General Artist
Gosh Mog, you make such neat charachters!
This guy can mess with people's DNAAAAA! XD
GasparNolasco Mar 27, 2011   Digital Artist
Ok... so I really wouldn't like to be in need of going to the infirmary in this place.
It'd be a bad idea, yeah.
AbsoluteNegativeZero Mar 26, 2011
Sword-Demon Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, it's Locke! Good to see him fully colored!
Sword-Demon Mar 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lucidflux Mar 25, 2011  Student General Artist
lajsdfkj he's in Infirmary
I am so glad because he's so amazing. ;A; MOG YOU HAVE THE BEST CONCEPTS OKAY <3
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